Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program by Caroline Thompson

Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program

For wellness coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, & creative service providers who are ready to TRIPLE organic sales with intuitive marketing & CLICKASS content.

Start making $10K+ months with a marketing strategy you can control!

Attract & Convert Superfan Clients Organically

You have so much to offer... But why can't your audience see that??

Raise your hand if you're a coach, consultant, or creativepreneur who is: 
  • Struggling to DIY your marketing with random freebies & "How to" articles
  • Trying to stand out in a saturated market, but self-promotion feels uncomfortable
  • Frustrated because you "should've been successful by now!"
  • Losing the motivation to create consistent blog content or social media posts
  • Thinks social media only works when you "pay to play" 
  • DYING to hire a VA or agency to do it all for you, but they're too damn expensive

Or, worst of all… You're so fed up that you begin to question your career choice all together.


You WILL change the world... 
...you just need the tools.


All the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years has qualified you for this next step in your business.
It’s time to stop “learning” and start taking action.

Communicate your value + OWN your space.

✔️ Design a brand identity & marketing strategy that aligns with your #dreamlife
✔️ Clarify your messaging so your clients can understand what the heck you’re even selling
✔️ Become the expert in your industry so that your ideal clients are BEGGING to work with you
✔️ Speak directly to your ideal clients so they will finally click BUY and begin their transformation
✔️ Create a content calendar that tells you exactly what to post for the next month to a year!
✔️ Become a content idea generator that never runs out of things to talk about online
✔️ Create more freedom in your life so you can focus on the things you LOVE to do

No "slimy" or "salesy" marketing tactics.

Marketing is not about scamming money out of people... 
It’s about connecting to the clients that NEED you and weeding out the ones that don’t. 

Your content should tell a story that inspires and motivates people to make a change in their lives & finally get the help they need.
But how can you help if they can't find you?

When it’s done RIGHT, content marketing can put your sales process on AUTOPILOT and convert customers before they even get on the phone with you.

That way, you don’t have to walk from door to door selling your services like they’re a set of steak knives.
"Caroline is amazing. Her content marketing skills are superb and she is super creative in everything she does. From her content strategies to her copy, you can't help but be lured in by her witty speak and savvy ways. She's also a pretty rad human being. And if I'm going to have anyone in my content marketing corner, it's going to be someone super smart AND fun like Caroline. If you have an opportunity to work with the Caroline, you shouldn't pass it up!"
Mandy McEwen - CEO & Founder of Mod Girl Marketing
"We didn’t know what we were missing out on by not having a true content writer until we started using Caroline. Working with her to get our blog presence up has been an exceptional experience to say the least. Not only do her credentials speak for themselves, I’m able to give her very broad topics for articles we need and in no more than a day or two, she delivers a piece ready to publish every single time. She’s always professional, super consistent, and worth every penny. I’d highly recommend her to anyone for content writing and marketing consulting."
Will Regan - Co-Founder & President of NextLevel Studio
"Caroline is the absolute best! Not only is her copywriting incredible and always spot on, but she is also wonderful to work with. She always has the best attitude, is ready to tackle any project, and is so much fun to have on your team. My clients and I are incredibly grateful to have her helping us create so much magic. Thanks Caroline!!!"
Kylie Ide - CEO of Kylie Ide Aligned

Have questions? Maybe this will help!

How is the program structured?

Every month, new video lessons will be released that you can complete whenever, wherever you want. We will then have 4 LIVE coaching calls, during which you can ask questions, request feedback on your creative ideas or content, and leverage my marketing expertise & guidance so that you feel confident in your brand's direction. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program. That means, you'll always be in the loop with new trends and have the accountability aspect to help you get sh*t done when you need an extra push.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in full and save some $$$ or break up the investment into 4 monthly payments.

I have more questions. Who can I reach out to?

Send all additional questions to socialgranola@gmail.com.

What will we learn inside WMAP?

Course Breakdown

Module 1: Your Mindset
1) Clearing Mindset Blocks
26 mins
Module 1 Homework.docx
7.01 KB
BONUS: Remove Creative Blocks + Attract Dream Clients
(1h 09m 41s)
Module 2: Your Mission
1) Branding Secrets
8 mins
2) Personal Brand
7 mins
3) Business Brand
6 mins
4) ICA: The RIGHT way
9 mins
5) Framing your CORE offer
9 mins
6) Brand Story & Messaging
12 mins
Module 2 Homework
13.2 KB
BONUS: How to Use My Milanote Templates!
4 mins
Module 3: Your Message
Start here
3 mins
1) Brand Re-Alignment
5 mins
2) Uncovering Content Gaps
5 mins
3) Optimizing the Subject Matter
7 mins
4) Formatting
4 mins
5) Updating & Repurposing
8 mins
Content Audit Checklist.docx
15.9 KB
Module 4: Your Market
6 mins
1) Surveying Your Audience
8 mins
2) EASY + EFFECTIVE Market Research Tools
9 mins
3) Competitor Research
7 mins
Bonus Tips.mp4
4 mins
Module 4 Homework
16.7 KB
Module 5: Your Method
1) Content Organizing & Planning
14 mins
2) The "Launch" Mindset
32 mins
3) Planning Your Next Launch
30 mins
Module 6: Your Material
1) Start here
4 mins
2) Blogging like a PRO
8 mins
3) Lead Magnet & Welcome Emails
18 mins
4) 3-Step Sales Page Formula
10 mins
Module 7: Your Movement
Start here!
2 mins
1) Content Promotion & Repurposing
11 mins
2) Social Media Schedulers
10 mins
BONUS #1: Facebook & LinkedIn Engagement
6 mins
Facebook Group Promo Days
BONUS #2: Instagram Posting
14 mins
BONUS #3: Instagram Engagement Secrets
10 mins
Module 8: Your Momentum
1) Analytics & Tracking
26 mins
Buyer's Journey Visual
52.3 KB
Diagnosing Your Marketing Metrics
Facebook Pixel Instructions

It's time to get this sh*t done so you can MOVE FORWARD!

The Wellness Marketing Accelerator Program gives you the foundation you need so you can bypass the trial & error phase, communicate your brand clearly & effectively, and simplify the training process when you finally decide to hire a VA.